GTM Tools shutdown

I have decided to shut down GTM Tools.

To get the toolset operational and updated with the latest API changes would require far too much work given the limited resources I have available for a non-paid project. And I have no desire to start requesting fees or donations for maintaining the tools.

I wrote GTM Tools in 2014 as my first major project with a Python backend, and it shows.

If you want a service to manage Google Tag Manager assets with, I recommend Project Andromeda (no affiliation).

I am working together with a partner to see if we can bring the tools back in better shape than before.

Thank you for using these tools over the years, and I'm very sorry about the abrupt shutdown. It was forced due to breaking changes in the underlying API structure and in the runtime environment, and due to my lack of resources to fix them.

Simo Ahava, 25 April 2024